Friday, April 17, 2009


Welcome travellers.
Please rest a while on your journey. You arrive here at an opportune time. I have a treasure for you.
Maybe you came here by chance or co-incidence. Get yourself comfortable for 5 minutes.
How about a nice cuppa tea then ?
I have been a Serendipitist for 35 years. All of my major life moves have been guided by the presence of Serendipity.
Not only is the term applied to the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident, it is also used where a series of three, or a "hat trick", is similarly an outcome.
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Serendipity occurs when three coincidences happen around a common theme.
Remember that time when you were about to call this certain person on the phone when they called you first instead. Later perhaps you meet the person again by chance, finally another chance occurence happens and it involves that same person.........that my dear friend is "Serendipity".
What to do about it??
That person holds a key to your destiny and you must follow through the connection.
He or she may offer you a position in some place you may not want to advice is to follow the direction that you are being told to move in. ....only then you will become a Serendipitist and quickly you will find your destiny.

We are led, sometimes unknowingly, along a path upon which we learn skills, knowledge and wisdom. We are guided to serve a-life-long apprenticeship toward achieving our destiny.
By reviewing your past activities on this path maybe you can recognise how your seemingly aimless direction through life now can become meaningful to you.
Ask yourself why you took that job. That job that seemed, at the time, so unrelated to your plans. Can you see now how it begins to make sense?
Whether we recognise it or not, the magic of Serendipity has played, is playing and will continue to play, a major role in our lives.
"The ocean refuses no river"

Three coincidences that share a common theme qualifies as being serendipitous.

A major proof of the secret of serendipity lies in the very word itself.

First coincidence.

If you apply a touch of lateral thinking to the word "Serendipity" you will find that it is an anagram of "pre-destiny''. Notice the hyphen please.
what is an anagram?
Pause..........Check it out!
Did you come up with an extra "i" ?If you didn't you should have :)
Let's go lateral thinking on this ........the letter "i" is turned on its side and capitalised to "I". Hmmmm..... The ego appears to be flattened.(I'll come back to that later)

Second coincidence.
Consider the word 'dip' means a brief immersion into and out of something. The letters of the word have an unusual ability to read the same upside down. Now take the word 'dip' out of the word 'serendipity' and what word are you left with? ......Serenity!! Serenity is defined as peace, tranquility, consciousness and God.
One could interpret that in two very interesting ways:
Serendipity is a brief immersion into God Consciousness.
By immersing yourself into consciousness you will experience Serendipity which guides you to your pre-destiny.

Third coincidence.
An English diarist gentleman by the name of Horace Walpole coined the word....Serendip-ity In the late 17th century he had visited the Isle of Serendip. Reputed to be the Pearl of the Indian Ocean it was later to be renamed "Ceylon" and now is called "Sri Lanka".
Whilst visiting there Horace came to hear of an old Indian folktale called "The Three Princes of Serendip
Amazing coincidences and discoveries were always happening to these princes.
Later upon returning to England Mr Walpole experienced a similar run of coincidences which inspired him to coin the word "Serendipity" by putting "ity" onto the end of 'Serendip'. By his placement of "ity" he caused the first and second coincidences.
Which means, based on the rule of three co-incidences that the word 'Serendipity" is in fact serendipitious in action.

"Inspired yet?" (Another anagram!!)

To actively follow Serendipity one needs to pay attention to coincidences.
When you experience Serendipity…….you do have a choice ……..follow it, follow the path that it offers you and then you will discover a lot of the "off the beaten path" treasures. The path you walk has potential in every single step.
By following Serendipity you will walk the road that you were destined to travel................ If your ego is balanced you will be dipping into the sea of serenity.

On the other hand though,
It is a free world after all,
just shrug, put it all down to wild co-incidence
and then forget it.